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The Unani system of medicine owes, as its name suggests, its origin to Greece. The term UNANI is derived from the word UNAN which means Greece in Arabic. It was the work of the Greek philosopher-physician Hippocrates {Buqrat In Arabic} (460-377 B.C.), who freed medicine from the realm of superstition and magic and gave it the status of science. He considered illness to be natural rather than a supernatural phenomenon, and he felt that medicine should be administered without ritual ceremonies or magic. The theoretical framework of Unani Medicine is based on the teachings of Hippocrates. By his method of careful study and comparison of symptoms, he laid the foundation for clinical medicine.

After Hippocrates a number of other Greek scholars enriched the system considerably. Of them Galen {Jalinus in Arabic} (131-200 A.D.) stands out as the one who established its foundation on which Arab physicians like Rhazes {Al-Razi in Arabic} (850-932 A.D.) and Avicenna {Ibn-Sena in Arabic} (980-1037 A.D.) constructed an imposing edifice. Galen introduced and practiced the Unani system of medicine in pre-Islamic Egypt, serving as Royal court physician to the King of Egypt and under his patronage, researched, experimented and developed hundreds of new medicines and cures for almost all types of diseases.
Imbibing what was best in the contemporary systems of traditional medicine in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Persia, India, China and other Middle East and Far East countries enriched the Unani system. That is why this system is known, in different parts of the world, with different names such as Greco-Arab Medicine, Ionian Medicine, Arab Medicine, Islamic Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Oriental Medicine, etc.


In India, Unani system of medicine was introduced by the Arabs and soon took firm roots in the soil. When Mongols ravaged Persian and Central Asian cities, scholars and physicians of Unani medicine fled to India. The Delhi Sultans, the Khiljis, the Tughlaqs and the Mughal Emperors provided state patronage to the scholars and even enrolled some as state employees and court physicians. During 13th and 17th century A.D. Unani Medicine had its heyday in India. During the British rule Unani system of medicine suffered a setback due to withdrawal of State patronage, but continued to be practised as the masses reposed faith in the system. An outstanding physician and scholar of Unani Medicine, Hakim Ajmal Khan (1868 - 1927), championed the cause of the system in India. The Unani system got a further boost in India when Janab
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